IWaterFood Expertise (IWF)

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Our solutions

Molecular identification and typing of microbial agents in water and food

Our expertise is in the molecular identification of new and emerging microbial agents that present a problem in detection methods (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi). We use innovative and rapid molecular methods.

IWaterFood (IWF) offers you a service which is adapted to your requirements for the assessment of biological risks as part of the implementation of validation analyses and monitoring plans.

Research and development (R&D) activities

Our expertise is based on active research and development and numerous collaborations with universities and laboratories of international renown. IWaterFood (IWF) scientists are known for their scientific and technological knowledge, their active participation in ELOT (Hellenic Organization for Standardization) and working groups in the field of water and food microbiology.


Beyond the analysis required by law, IWaterFood (IWF) offers you an improved risk analysis that complements and meets the new European legislation. IWaterFood (IWF) is the first Greek laboratory to offer the detection and identification of human enteric viruses of intestinal origin in water and food using molecular biology methods. In the field of microbiology, IWaterFood’s (IWF) expertise lies in the detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria within 24 hours.

Specific and innovative needs

IWaterFood (IWF) applies innovative solutions to anticipate and solve future problems of food factories as well as water services.

Advice and training

In addition to analytical expertise, IWaterFood (IWF) also offers complementary and innovative services:

  • Consulting Services
  • Training Department