The IWaterFood Molecular Center is part of the Environmental Microbiology Unit of the Laboratory of Hygiene, Department of Medicine of the University of Patras. IWaterFood started its operation in 2008, to provide its services in the field of food and water analysis, as well as in consultation, with absolute responsibility, confidentiality and reliability.

IWaterFood is an innovative laboratory focused on molecular detection and identification (DNA/RNA) of viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi in food, water and environmental samples. It guarantees the performance of analyses through an integrated test quality assurance system that ensures the correctness and reliability of the results. All tests are based on standard international methods (ISO, USEPA), as defined by Greek and European legislation.

The aim of the Laboratory is to assist the industries in the production of quality products with the ultimate goal of consumer satisfaction and increasein sales. It also aims to investigate contamination problems in the production process using rapid molecular methods.

The Environmental Microbiology Unit of the Laboratory of Hygiene of the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras coversneeds in the following areas:

  • Water Environment Quality
  • Food Quality
  • Public Health
  • Health and Safety of Workers

The activities of our laboratory cover the needs of various types of businesses and organizations as listed below:


Private bodies
Water bottling industries
Milk and cheese industries
Juice and soft drink industries
Food processing plants
Snail processing industries
Meat and sausage industries
Olive processing industries
Standardised food industries (bakery products, pasta)
Animal feed industries
Food chains
Pastry shops
Swimming pools
Beauty centres – Spa


Public bodies
EFET (Hellenic Food Authority)
Hospitals – Clinics
Health Directorates
D.E.Y.A. (Hellenic Association of Municipal Water and Sewerage Utilities)
Regions – Municipalities
School units
University units
Military units

IWaterFood, through the Hygiene Laboratory, maintains important collaborations with many Municipalities, Regional Health Directorates, Ministries, Hellenic Food Safety Authority and private companies. It also has important partnerships with various European institutions:

  • COST Office, European Union
  • Department of Microbiology, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Valencia, Spain
  • Department of Virology, University of Umea, Sweden

Our aim is to be:

Greek Reference Centre for the prevention and risk assessment of microbiological hazards in water and food

  • By providing advice and information through our scientific unit.
  • By providing training, education and assistance to laboratories or professionals in the field of technological and analytical developments.
  • By contributing to the optimization of knowledge, know-how andinnovative technologies generated by research institutes, universities or industries.