Bathing water analyses

What are “Bathing Waters”:

These are surface waters where the competent authority expects large numbers of people to swim and where no permanent bathing prohibition or permanent advice against bathing has been issued, mainly in the sea.

The classification of bathing waters based on legislation (indicate which) is:

(a) ‘of insufficient quality’

(b) ‘of sufficient quality’

(c) ‘good quality’

(d) ‘excellent quality’

Risks to Public Health

The potential public health risks of bathing water with multiple impacts vary:

  • Increased presence of micro-organisms
  • Growth of cyanobacteria
  • Growth of macroalgae
  • Pollutants
  • Waste


  • During the bathing season, the necessary sampling and analyses are carried out for each bathing beach according to Government Gazette 356 2009
  • In case of pollution or contamination, the necessary measures are taken by the competent authority
  • The public is informed immediately in the case of a bathing prohibition at a specific bathing beach
  • Bathing beach identification cards from the register of beaches of YPEKA are available to the public

IWaterFood, a laboratory accredited by the NSSD according to ISO 17025 (accreditation number 550-3), carries out all the microbiological analyses required by law for bathing waters.

Also due to the

  • Specialized experience and the
  • Specialized personnel

It has the experience and expertise to provide the advisory services to take the necessary measures in case of pollution.