Environmental Samples

IWaterFood is accredited by the ESYD in wastewater analysis. Our aim is to ensure public health and protect the environment.

The centre has the appropriate modern laboratory equipment and know-how for the detection of viruses and bacteria in environmental samples such as: wastewater, sewage sludge, fertilizers of animal origin, air, surfaces, etc.

Molecular analyses for the detection of viruses

Target viruses
Hepatitis A Virus
Hepatitis E Virus
Norovirus GI
Norovirus GII
Human Adenovirus
Porcine Adenovirus


Microbiological analyses for the detection of bacteria

The laboratory applies classical microbiological techniques for the control of microbiological parameters.

Total coliforms
Somatic coliphage
Male-specific (F+)
Salmonella spp.
Total plate count 22°C and 37°C